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Support Saint Patrick Catholic School

Blessings to you and your families!

Our annual fund kicks off in October.  Saint Patrick Catholic School is filled with qualified, energetic and faith-filled educators who are committed to their ministry in teaching the values of Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher. We remain committed to our mission of preparing Christian children who will take those values with them when they graduate as young adults.

These are challenging yet exciting times. Our parents and friends appreciate the strength of Saint Patrick Catholic School’s academics and Christian values and CHOOSE to pay for that strength. They know that the sacrifices they make for their children are worth every penny.

We ask for your assistance in continuing this tradition of excellence; to help provide the kind of education offered at Saint Patrick’s for every family that desires it – either by your prayers or financial support. As a Catholic community, we know first-hand the power of prayer and eagerly accept yours as we minister to our students and each other.

Thank you for your generosity – and your legacy to our students and their role in transforming society. Because of you, the Saint Patrick Catholic School educational experience is amazing! Your gift impacts everything we do today and into the future as we persevere to do His work.
Listed below are a number of ways you can “gift” Saint Patrick Catholic School:

~ Guardian Angel Fund
Provides tuition assistance

~ Great Lakes Scrip Program
Gift cards purchased at face value

~ Charitable Trusts

American society in the 21st century leaves much to be desired and makes Catholic schools more important than ever. Please consider how YOU can minister with us by contacting us at (419)636-3592. May God richly bless you and your families!

With Faith in God and Hope for a Bright Future,

Connie Niese


© 2013, Saint Patrick Catholic School Bryan

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