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Your student should be bringing home his/her student planner each evening, filled out with each day's assignments. 

However, if something was missed, this link will take you to Planbook with a listing of each day's assignments.

RELIGION-- We are learning about Prayer

VOCABULARY-- Chapter 1 -- Spelling Test 9/28; Vocabulary Test 9/30

READING--Wonder, by RJ Palacio

             Students should also be reading at home 20 minutes each night (minimum)

HEALTH--We will be completing the DARE program with Deputy McCord during our first semester


6th MATH -- We are in Unit 1; check Planbook for daily Lessons & Assignments

7th SCIENCE--We are working through our unit on Measurement & using Scientific Instruments to collect data

8th PHYSICAL SCIENCE --  We are working through our Astronomy Unit on the Universe, Galaxies & Stars



   Blizzard Bag

Religion-  Day 1--Visit United States Conference of Catholic Bishops --Go to: Daily Readings-- Read the Sunday Gospel for the coming Sunday.  Write down the Gospel name, chapter and verse and then in a well organized paragraph summarize the Gospel you read.  After that, in another paragraph explain how you can live that Gospel

                 Day 2--Watch You tube video United States Conference of Catholic Bishops "Fishers of Men" Part1 (8:41) and Part 2 (9:38) and answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. Explain what the video is about and its message.

2. Name three parts of the video that you liked best and why.  Please be specific and refer to exact happenings, quotes or images from the video.

3. Explain why the title "Fishers of Men" is an appropriate title for this video.

4. Investigate where the verse "Fishers of Men" can be found in the Bible.  List the book, chapter, and verse. Now, read the story in its entirety in the Bible.

5.  Finally, explain how this video made you feel.            


Day 3--complete Activity #2 Gospel Crossword and Activity #3 Psalms: The Prayers Jesus                               Knew


English-Day 1--Find a newspaper, magazine or online article and underline or highlight any of the following--Prepositional phrases, Proper Nouns, Subject Complements, Direct Objects, Direct Addresses, Linking Verbs, or any other English concept studied this year.  After highlighting, on a clean piece of paper list each English item found in categories under headings above.  You do not have to find everything above but try to find as much as possible.  Turn in the article with your paper of listed English concepts.

              Day 2--Write 2  original declarative sentences, (statements), 2 imperative sentences (commands), 2 exclamatory sentences (with emotion), and 2 interrogative sentences (questions).  Punctuate each correctly and label each sentence with its sentence type.  Find an example of each type of sentence in some type of writing--newspaper, magazine, book, online source, etc.  Write the sentence and identify its type.  Please write where each sentence came from.

              Day 3--complete the front and back of the "Types of sentences" worksheet and the "Skillswise" worksheet on commas

Vocabulary--Day 1--Go to Oxford Sadlier Vocabulary Website.  Click on vocabulary workshop 1-5, Click on Elementary School Color Level, choose a version click 2005-06, choose your level click on blue, choose the user click student, go to blue level and click on crossword, click on crossword puzzles unit 1-4.  This should bring up a crossword puzzle using words from unit 1---try your best. Once you've tried, click solution and the answers will appear.  Print crossword.  Now write 10 sentences using any of the words in the crossword puzzle. Please turn in crossword with sentences.  You may play any games on Oxford Sadlier for fun!

                     Day 2--Go to Oxford Sadlier with yesterday's instructions--Make a crossword puzzle with  unit 7 vocabulary words. These will be all new words!  (You may use a web-site crossword puzzle maker if you prefer.)  Make a crossword puzzle with clues and leave it blank.  Also make an answer key for the puzzle to turn in.

                    Day 3--Write a well organized paragraph using 6 of the vocabulary words from this week's lesson.  Underline the vocabularly words used.


Writing--Day 1--Write a Toledo Blade response to--"Why is it important to know how to read? Tell other students the reasons reading is important and entertaining"  Please type this double spaced and include your name, grade, and school at the top of the paper. Don't forget to title the paper "Why is it Important to Know How to Read?"

             Day 2--Choose words from one list below.  Make up a story using all the words (from one list only) in any order you want.  Your story must be three paragraphs long.  Please edit the story for punctuation, grammar and spelling.  A final double spaced and titled copy in pen or typed should be turned in.  Please underline words used from the list you picked.

    1.                      2.                          3.                        4.                    5.                      6.

ladybug             pizza                    school               ice cream              robot                train

grassy field     Friday night          spelling test        whipped  cream   homework        depot

butterfly net     board games        new student       cherry                   chores           conductor

ant hole           friends                  nice weather       strawberries        computer         whistle

sun                  soda                     spelling  bee      banana         remote control     sight seeing

picnic             ice cream              first place           hot fudge sauce   keyboard        grassy field


 Day 3--Go to story starters  (We've used this website previously this year)--pick any of the story starter ideas and write a creative writing piece.  Proof read before printing.  Writing will be graded on content, spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Print a copy to turn in.


Science-- Day 1--Google or Go to Scholastic Winter Weather--specifically click on Winter Activities: Weather Watch--Go to "The Basics" and read article-- Go to "Words to Know" and pick a word and click "Test" at the bottom when completed.  Print test to turn in.  Next, Go to "Indepth" and read article click on "Interactive Timeline" and click on all the dates and read the description of some really great storms.  After reading all these storms, pick FIVE you found most interesting and on a piece of paper write down the date of the storm and a short summary of the storm.  Finally go back and click on "Experiments" Under experiments click on the "Interactive weather maker".  Play with the temperatures and humidity to create different weather.  Write down on the same piece of paper The equatorward temperature, the poleward temperature and the relative humidity needed to create a whiteout or major blizzard.

                 Day 2--View "Biomes of Our Earth: Major Life Zones" (25:49)  While watching the video take notes.  Be sure to list all the Biomes discussed and one or two specifics about each.

                 Day 3--Hypothesis worksheet front and back

Reading--Day 1--Read for 30 minutes today.  After reading write down the title of the book, the pages read  and summarize what happened in the book during the 30 minutes of reading

                 Day 2--Go to, click on short stories for middle school/high.... click on Ragamuffinz download file, read the story, print and answer the questions at the end of the story or copy questions on to paper and answer questions.

                  Day 3--Read the story "Sable" and answer questions


Math---Day 1---make up 5- three digit plus three digit addition problems and solve, make up 5- 4 digit minus 4 digit subtraction problems and solve, make-up 5-three digit times two digit multiplication problems and solve and make up 5- four digit divide by two digit division problems and solve.  Finally, make up 2 word problems and solve.

          Day 2-- Go to  click on worksheets, click on decimals, go to the Addition section and worksheet Hundredths, Triple Digits 7.31 +1.53 please print and complete.  Next, go to Subtract section and worksheet Hundredths, Triple Digits 7.31-1.53.  please print and complete.

          Day 3--xtra Math and Problem Solving worksheet













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