This month we will go to Mass on Wednesday, October 24.



ReligionLessons on prayer will continue this week as students look more closely at The Lord’s Prayer or “Our Father”.  At the end of the week they will hear the bible story of Abraham and Sarah. They will learn how Abraham chose to trust and obey God and was blessed because he did.

MathStudents will continue to learn about number order as well as understanding numbers and sets of objects that are “more” and “fewer”.  We are also continuing to work on writing numbers 6 - 10.

Reading We continue to learn about the letter Dd and Super Kid Doc who likes to fix things.  You may notice a paper coming home with letters written by your child. This is our Handwriting.  We work on a few lines at a time. Right now we are working on letter formation but soon this will turn to writing words and sentences.

Looking Ahead...


Wednesday, October 10 ~ Picture Day

Friday, October 19 ~ Valentine Theater

Monday, October 22 ~ Parent-Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, October 24 ~ Mass

Thursday, October 25 ~ Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, October 26 ~ Spirit Assembly / Fall Party


Class Expectations:

Listen when someone is talking.

Follow directions quickly and quietly.

Raise your hand to speak.

Respect others. Respect yourself.  Respect the school.  Respect the Church.

Be safe.  Be honest.

Keep your teachers happy.

Blizzard Bags

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